Tournament Rules


The official Tournament rules of play are as follows:

PLAYING TIME:  Game times are two (2) 14 minute halves with stop clock for dead balls and free throws.

OVER TIME:  The first two overtime periods will be 2-minutes STOP TIME. The third overtime will be 1 minute STOP TIME. After the third overtime period there will be a sudden death. One additional timeout allowed for each overtime period. Timeouts are not cumulative.

QUALIFICATION: (Age first/Grade second).   Grade based on 2019-2020 Academic Year.

BOYS ONLY: AGE BASED (2 Exceptions Allowed). See Certifications for more information.
GIRLS:  GRADE BASED [2 Exceptions Allowed]. See Certifications for more information.
High School Students ARE NOT eligible for 14U/8th Grade Divisions and below.

MERCY RULE:  Game clock becomes running time when the point spread is 16 points or more (SECOND HALF ONLY). When the point spread is below 16 points, the clock will revert to stop time.

1)  Final standings in each pool/round robin will be determined by the win/loss record.
2)  Two way ties are determined by head to head.
3)  In case of a three way tie, the team with the most points +/- 15 points is declared the top team. The team with the next most points is declared second, and the team with the third most points is declared third.
4)  Point totals from all games between tied teams will be counted.
5)  If a three way tie remains after the tie breaker, the “least points scored against” will be used. Next will be offense (most points scored), then coin toss.

1)  When shooting free throws, all players positioned along the key, with the exception of the shooter, may enter the lane upon the release of the shot.
2) One and One Bonus on the 7th foul and double bonus on the 10th foul.
3) Three (3) timeouts per game: 30 seconds each.
4)  The 10 second count is in effect.
5)  Only two (2) coaches per team can sit on or stand near the bench.
6)  The head coach is the only certified person that can approach the score table with questions. All other coaches must remain on the bench. Only one (1) person can be standing at all times.
7)  If a team fails to appear with at least five (5) eligible players and/or their head coach at game time, a grace period of ten (10) minutes will be given. After ten (10) minutes, a forfeit MAY be declared by the Site/Tournament Director.  Fifteen to zero (15-0) shall be the recorded score.

1) Players cannot play for two separate Programs (i.e. an AVAC player cannot play on a San Pedro Knights team).
2) Players may only play on one team in a particular age division (Cannot play 11U Gold and 11U Silver. Can play 11U Gold and 12U Silver).

The Head Coach is responsible for the conduct of his/her spectators and athletes. If there is an ejection, the Head Coach will be asked to remove the ejected person from the facility. The Head Coach will be responsible for any damages incurred to the facilities or property used by the athletes.

If a Team Coach, Assistant Coach, Athlete, or spectator/parent is ejected from a game, he/she may be suspended for ONE FULL GAME (the following game) and will not be allowed in the gym during suspended time or on the property. It is also the responsibility of the Coach, Assistant Coach, or Team/Parent Representative to insure the ejected adult or athlete does not enter the property of the facility. AVAC Tournament staff reserves the right to remove any coach, player, or fan from the facility for inappropriate behavior. Teams may also be removed from the tournament with no refunds.

SCORESHEETS:  Score sheets must be checked for complete information (including numbers) by parent representatives or coaches 30 minutes before the start of each game.

OFFICIAL BALLS:  The HOME TEAM shall provide the game ball. If both teams cannot agree on a game ball, an alternate ball as chosen by tournament/gym supervisors will be used:

Boys divisions 6th Grade and above will play with a 29.5″ basketball.
Boys divisions 5th Grade and lower will play with a 28.5″ basketball.
All girls divisions will play with a 28.5″ basketball.

All protests regarding player eligibility must be made BEFORE the end of the game to the official, scorekeeper, or Site/Tournament Director by the Head Coach only (or assistant coach if the head coach has been ejected) and noted on the score sheet.  Protests pertaining to scorekeepers and/or an official’s judgment call will not be considered. Protests in which a potential rule infraction has occurred MAY be considered only if the infraction has a direct impact on the outcome of the game and falls within the guidelines of correctable errors.  Protests of an entire team are not allowed.   The Site/Tournament Director’s decision(s) will be final. All Boys teams must bring birth certificates and report cards and all Girls teams must bring report cards for verification upon request. 

HOME & VISITOR:  The HOME team and shall wear white or light colored uniforms and the VISITING team and shall wear dark uniforms. The Home team shall sit to the left of the score table and take the opposite basket for pre-game warm-up and first-half play. The visiting team is the second team listed on the schedule (right side). 

TEAM WAIVER FORMS:  All players and coaches must be listed on the team waiver form and parents must sign the form before participation. It is the responsibility of the Coach and Team Representative to ensure that all participants are officially registered and verify that the athletes, parents, coaches, spectators, and volunteers are completely aware and have been advised that they will waive all claims against the Antelope Valley Athletic Club-SGV-Vegas Elite, together with its affiliated clubs, its respective administrators, directors, agents, coaches, and other employees or volunteers of the organization; event officials; medical personnel; other participants, their parents, guardian(s), supervisors and coaches; sponsoring agencies; sponsors; advertisers; and, if applicable, owners, lessors, and lessees of premises.