AVAC United, SGV, and Vegas Elite have joined forces to host this event. AVAC hosts over 50 tournaments a year in California and is owner of AVAC United with over 50 teams, SGV hosts the 3 largest and most prestigous tournaments on the West Coast (8th Grade & Under) named the SGV Aloha Challenge (300+ teams)-SGV Invitational (400+ teams)-SGV Summer Finale (200 teams), and Vegas Elite which is the largest basketball club in Nevada. All three clubs have over 75 years of combined experience hosting quality events.

The 1st Annual event was a tremendous success with over 100 teams. We have received many inquiries for 2020 and should exceed 200 teams. The first year consisted of teams from Arizona, Santa Barbara, Southern California, Texas, Utah, and Washington. We have commitments from the Hawaiian Islands, the Bay Area, and San Diego for 2020. AVAC, SGV, and Vegas Elite will make the Summer Games the most prestigious events of the Summer!